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Whose Business is it Anyways

You are running a business! Yes, you as you read this on your phone or tablet. Rather it is small or larger, it is a business. And do you know what a lot of successful businesses do?

That’s right they outsource their work. What is outsourcing? Well, I am glad you asked. Outsourcing is when you hire or contract with a third party to do work that benefits your business. Example: Let’s say you are an owner of a cute boutique, and you need your storefront windows cleaned. You are the manager wearing all the hats and every hour counts. The job of cleaning windows is a very important job, but you also have to do other tasks that only you can do. The solution is to hire a company to come in once a week to clean your large storefront windows so you can focus on other tasks such as payroll, marketing, and more.


How does this apply to your learning program? You might already be outsourcing and not realize it. Ways you may be outsourcing:

  • Lawn services

  • Subscriptions (Netflix, Starfall, or ABC Mouse)

  • Accounting

  • And the list goes

Outsourcing is important because it helps you gain more time, focus on the things that matter, and gain more time for you and your family.

The thing of other ways things you can outsource. You could hire a company that would cover your logistics and family engagement for you. Imagine all your program events and logistics from start to finish completed for you. You don’t have to stay up all night trying to find an affordable space to host all your students’ families, trying to think of a program theme, trying to make flyers, trying to make sure every part of the event is planned out, trying to find people to come out and teach a forum for you, and so on and on. Guess what? We can do that for you and let you get back to the other important jobs you have to do. Don’t waste time on the things that you can outsource. Click here to find out more.

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