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Childcare Leaders are the first art Teachers

Did you know that Childcare and Education Leaders are the first art teachers? Crazy right! But, it is true. The National Endowments of the Arts based in our nations capital of Washington D.C. stated," Educators are usually the first to introduce children to art."

Think about when you were in your early education years; who was the first person who really showed you art? From music, dancing, painting, singing, museums, and so on it was most likely a teacher who introduced the art form to you. I remember the first time I was introduced to drama like it was yesterday. My Childcare center had schedule for us to see an African American Heritage Storyteller weekly during the summer. It was amazing! The drums, and the props he would bring, and the way he would involve us in the stories brought so much joy. By setting up an atmosphere of art; my childcare teachers set a foundations of creativity that is still with me to this day.

So, How are you introducing art into your program?

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