3 Simple Ways to Make the Childcare Holiday Plans Stress Free

  1. Make it Simple

  2. Take Time OFF

  3. Let Everyone Know


1. Make it Simple:

If you plan on having any type of holiday party for your organization or program keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Make it simple and quaint.

Simple Ideas:

  • Let the Holiday Decorations be art projects from your students

  • Have a party and let the parents bring the food

  • Have the party during the weekday so it doesn’t interfere with your off time

2. Take Time OFF

Yes! You need to take time OFF! As providers, we often feel obligated to be there for everyone, or we live in fear that our clients will be upset with us if we close. Here is a secret: if you are not around who will help the people?! Take time to enjoy your family and enjoy yourself. Take those days off and watch everything be okay! P.s. You cannot save the world, let Jesus do that ;)

3. Let Everyone know!

The holiday season can be stressful for everyone. Make sure you let everyone know what is happening and that they have all the details.

  • Hang simple newsletters on the entrance and exit of your space

  • Send out texts and emails to clients

  • Verbally tell clients the schedule during pick up and drop offs

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