This class focuses on foundational technique skills and choreography. Ballet/ Jazz technique not only builds strong dancers but builds perseverance in students through repetition and mastery.
Contemporary dance is a fusion of all dance styles, focusing on emoting stories through dance. Students will develop social and emotional skills by identifying, processing, replicating, and sharing emotional themes through movement.
Started in the Bronx of New York hiphop has strong roots in community. This class will focus on the foundational movements of hiphop, developing self identify, and moving in community.
Family Fitness
Who needs a gym membership when you and your whole family can get fit with SDC. This energetic class is for the entire family. If you are in the best shape of your life or need to shed a few pounds, this class brings family, fitness, and fun together.
Salt Leadership Tribe
What is the best thing you can do for your child? Surround them with a loving community. SLT is a program dedicated to developing our students into Christ-centered leaders. Focusing on building young leaders to stand for Christ through discipleship, Christian community, community service, and fun. We meet once a month for a 3-hour project.



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