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Early Childhood Program

Handling enrichment activities and family engagement for programs who want to standout!

Customized Performing Arts plan made for your program for easy implementation.

P.s. we also teach it, so you don't have to!

 Customize Programs 

Don't worry about trying to find activities for your childcare families, Salted Performing Arts (SPA) got you covered.  

Family  Engagement 

All participants and their families are invited to perform on stage at our seasonal performances

Concert Performances

Rather online, at the SPA facility, or at you facility we cover the  teach each  Enrichment class for you.

We Teach for you!

We care about childcare leaders. That's is why we have an exclusive community that is dedicated for you all to grow, learn, and laugh.

Support for Directors

We got you! We take care of your marketing and implementation strategy for  the program. 

Customized Marketing 

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