Classes and Info

What age can my student start?

As young as one month to Highschool! We have classes for everyone!


Ballet is the bases of dance technique of great dancing. We encourage all of our students to take this class to grow and excel. SPA focuses on a variety of ballet techniques such as Cecchetti, ABT, and Vaganova.


HipHop has a long and amazing history starting in the African American communities. Hip-hop is now around the world. Join this class to learn the old and newest moves.


From Broadway to Cali commercial Jazz is the heartbeat of the dance world. Learn how to execute sharp and precise movements to be on top.


Contemporary is a form of a dance that combines all styles to express emotions and tell a story. Join this class to learn new movement styles and to find your unique style of moving.

Are uniforms mandatory?

Yes, training uniforms are mandatory. Uniforms develop accountablity by building skills of responsibility, builds student unity, and school pride. *** We allow all students a fews to aqquire their full weekly practice uniform. Please come to class even if you do not have all of your unifrom ordered.

Are there performance oppurtunities?

Of Cousre! We have live concerts every year that students are able to join.